5 Web Design Trends Affecting Your Business in 2016

For any business, especially those online, it is important to always be one step ahead of the competition. Prices, logistics or quality of products in electronic commerce are essential if you want to succeed but to have a truly successful ecommerce is also important to give much importance to this web design packages. 2016 will bring new trends of cheap Web Design that will re defining the way digital marketing do. The user experience and value of the content will remain the pillars of any strategy that seeks to be profitable.

1. Animation

The aim is no longer simply impress users, if not entertain them. A good option for achieving this is through animation. As user experience has become more interactive, animation has become an essential part of the narrative of a website.

There are several types of animation that you can integrate into your web design packages:

  • Load animation
  • Moving animation
  • Smooth Scrolling

2. New Minimalist Design

When it comes to cheap web design, less is often more. The flat design has been much talk this year and will remain fashionable in 2016 with a new feel. This is the Material design. This trend is inspired by the ink and paper incorporates depth effects, shadows, transitions and animations known minimalist design. If this type of design is combining with animations you get an incredible design.

3. Typographies as Graphic Resource

The typography has been a staple for marketing and web design for a long time. But now not only it is to communicate a message, but to illustrate with letters. If you dare with this trend hire a good designer to create an exclusive typeface for your website, thus you will achieve make a difference.

4. XXL size Images and Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures. In 2016 web design packages will have extra large images and a considerable number of videos. The designers also will use this material to make it look like through responsive design on any platform whether the computer screen or a Smartphone is. The main aim of this trend is calling attention of potential buyers.

5. Mobile Apps have to Optimize

In 2016, exposure of the network through search engines will depend heavily on mobile applications. But developing an app to your website or online store is not enough. You have to optimize applications by giving them a good design and ensure that the operation is sufficiently solid. Also, make sure all the graphic element of the app is striking and satisfying, because many users only download the tool depending on what they see on the icon.