Advantages of Using a Country Top-Level Domain Name

One of the frustrating things about registering your domain name is the possibility that someone else already used it – no matter how unique it sounds. Do not worry, there is actually another way to still get the domain name you wanted. And that is to use a country specific TLD.

For those who are not familiar, TLD stands for top-level domain. This is usually found at the end of the website address. Some examples include .com, .org, and .info. In this case, it would be advisable to use the TLD specific to your country in order to get the domain name you want.

You might be wondering how this would make any difference. Well, aside from being able to use your favored domain name, here are other benefits you can experience from using a country specific TLD:

1. Boost in local SEO ranking

The good thing about localized SEO is that the competition is less stiff. This makes it much easier to beat out your competitors in the rankings. You can also monitor the results of your SEO efforts a lot faster. For instance, if Google updates their system again, you can immediately determine if it is good for your site based on the rankings.

2. Targeted marketing

With a country TLD, you can target traffic in certain areas in the country. This also makes it easier for your site to be listed in local directories. An added bonus is you can be extra creative with your domain name. Not to mention it could also reflect the nature of your business.

But be warned for this kind of online strategy is not ideal for businesses that plan to branch out in the global market in the future. However, one way around this is simply create a main site with a generic TLD. For every territory that you expanded, simply create another site with the designated ccTLD.

And there you have it. These are just the benefits of using a country TLD. Before you register your domain name, you will have to review the rules and regulations of the designated TLD. To know what these rules are, simply check out the online registry.