How to Increase User Interaction on Your Website

Your company’s website is the face of your business. This fact is quite crucial for enhancing the visibility of your business to your intended users and potential clients. Increasing your user engagement decreases your bounce rate, increases the traffic, leads to more visitors, ultimately more conversions and results in an increase in the growth of your business. Here, we give you five such important and effective ways to increase the user interaction on your website from a web designer’s perspective.

Ease of Navigation

When you are designing your website, make sure to make it easily searchable and navigable for your website users. Design your navigation bar in such a way that it is consistent on each and every web page of your website. Confusing and complicated designs which tend to confuse a visitor should always be avoided at any cost, as visitors are usually impatient and might not spend enough time to dig into the contents on your website. In fact, uncluttered and well organized navigation design increases the potential in boosting the number of visitors and also at the same time increases the aesthetic value of the site’s web design.

Public Opinion About your brand on the website

Providing Testimonials as well as mentioning your previous work says a lot about your business. People’s opinions and experiences about your company serve as a testimonial for validating your product and services. This is a wonderful feature and should be provided on your website to earn the trust and a positive social validation about the general public opinion about your services.

Since people who spend time online are always on the lookout for knowing what others have to say about the product or services they would want to use, therefore design your website in such a way so that you include this feature and which will benefit you in the long run by leading to higher conversions. For example, a web designing company in Delhi is likely to have online users who are searching for public opinion about Delhi based companies providing web designing services.

Call-To-Action Buttons

‘Actions speak louder than words’ – this phrase is true for most of the situations including the design of a website. There is a rock solid reason why you need to think carefully about the buttons required to be placed on your website, while designing. The ‘Call-To-Actions’ buttons give your online visitors and potential leads a real reason to perform real actions which lead to more conversions. The text on the buttons should be concise, brief and to the point.

Prefer beginning with words, such as ‘Get a free consultation’, ‘Get a free trail today’, ‘Download’ and so forth. The colour of the buttons should be preferably in contrast to the colour scheme of the web page’s background colour. Also, the buttons should be ideally placed in an easily located spot on the website with a natural and consistent flow through all the required elements on the website.

Utilize White Space wisely

The empty space on your website is ‘white space’. White Space is a significant design element in web designing which needs to be utilized quite smartly on your website.

The web designer should design the usage of white space carefully while adding an element of overall balance on the website. At the same time if done adequately, it improves the reading comprehension of every page and makes the entire content stand out. If designed well, it provides the visitors an opportunity to decide exactly what all they want to see in a quick glance instead of sorting out their way through an unsystematic and chaotic layout.

High Quality Web Designing companies do have the ability to design the white space element efficiently. They design it in such a way that the white space looks visually appealing and at the same time its presence also serves the important purpose of giving a breather to any online visitor from the continuous flow of composite elements located on the website.

Easy- to-Read Fonts and Eye-Catching colours

As a good web designer, take care to incorporate visually appealing as well as easy- to-read fonts on your website. As far as the colour scheme of the website is concerned, it is important that you select the right colour combinations for it. You should always pick one specific and a visual friendly colour which serves as the foundation of the entire website, while selecting contrasting colours for the significant call-to-action buttons.

Besides this, it is strongly recommended that one should not use more than three different font sizes for rendering your main content which consists mainly of main header, sub-header and the body of your text. The type or the nature of work your organization deals with and the basic character of your organization. This can affect the overall tone of your website’s online presence which leads to the options of having a variety of choices in typography as a significant web designing element.