A Bookkeeper for My Husband’s Company

I was hoping that I would be able to handle the bookkeeping for my husband’s business on my own. I know how to use the right software to help him, so that was not the issue. There was just so much involved with it, and I have my own full time job along with taking care of three older children who seem to always have some kind of activity going on. After seeing all that it wold entail, I knew I had to start researching quality bookkeepers in Bristol because I just would not have the time, unless I wanted to run myself ragged.

Since that was not anything I was willing to do, I looked at the different bookkeepers in the area. I wanted to get a sense of feeling for them not only from their own websites but from reviews from others who have used them too. That is the nice thing about this technological age. There are review sites everywhere, and it is pretty easy to get the general gist of a person’s professionalism from them. I looked at several websites, but there was one that I kept coming back to. Continue reading